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Raising Giants Organisation (RGO) is a non-profit entity which was started in 2008, and registered as an NPO in 2010. The organisation mentors young people from environments with social economic challenges to rise above their circumstances and work towards becoming successful leaders of their communities. Each and every child is born with an unlimited dose of potential, unfortunately most children in South Africa, are born in those conditions that are so difficult to break through from, conditions that only say to them that "they can't" or 'they will never". RGO exists for those kids, letting them know "they can" and "they will".

Why such an NPO?

The economic gap in South Africa continues to increase. This leads to kids from environments with social economic challenges at a disadvantage and unable to compete with their peers with regards to exposure and how they experience learning. RGO attemps to close this gap by sharing knowledge and experiences and joining hands with people and organisations who are willing to bring these children to top notch exposure which will assist them to make better decisions in future

RGO's mission?

Dual Mission. Firstly, to accomplish an economic mission - to produce leaders and self sufficient young people from socially challenged communities. Secondly, to accomplish a social mission - to eradicate the effects of social economic challenges, single-parent households, child-headed households, and substance abuse, by being there for these children and becoming the support structure in their lives

How does it work?

In 2007, the founder asked the principal in Cosmo City Primary School to give her kids she could work with. The Giants and the mentors meet once a month to discuss different topics. A year plan is drawn in advance. The organisation attends to most of the Giants holistic needs. There are 40 Giants, 6 full-time mentors and 4 part-time mentors

Success Stories

RGO has been efficient since 2008. The organisation continues to grow with most of its beneficiaries still part of the organisation. There are graduates from RGO and numerous who are currently completing their post-matric programmes at different institutions. RGO strives to assist with registration fees where there are needs. In the past, RGO was recognised and supported by reputable companies such O Magazine, FNB, Nike SA, Metropolitan Republic, AGSA, TIA and Gauteng City Region Academy.

Costs to run RGO?

On average it costs over R 9000 per month to run such organisation. Although we have been in existence for over 9 years, we rely heavily on donations. This limits our growth

RGO Financial Need

  1. Own a home or centre in order to remain in control for our meetings

  2. Space to be able to house those children who find themselves to be homeless temporarily

  3. A minibus which will assist us during our activities

  4. Laptops as young people from this community do not have enough exposure to computer training

  5. Operational costs

  6. Tertiary fees for kids who are unable to secure bursaries

Future RGO?

The organistion aims to create its own centre which will grow to promote innovation, entrepreneurship and computer training. The organisation will also be able to temporarily house Giants who find themselves homeless due to challenges which we have seen in the past. The existence of such a centre will increase employment and increase RGO's effectiveness in Cosmo City community. This will cost the organisation almost R 5 million and almost R 1.2 million annually onwards.


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